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gear market in china urgent to upgrade industrial structure(2014-08-18)

With the market economy gradually improve,China's gear industry has achieved great development, the product category is complete, the increasingly widely used in aviation, vessel, metallurgy, coal mining, oil field equipment, engineering machinery, pneumatic machinery and the transmission industry, such as more than 20 areas.Formed the independent complete industrial system, industry backbone enterprises preliminary with the new product development capabilities, has made important contributions to the development of the equipment manufacturing industry, is an indispensable part of modern industry.Under the market competition mechanism, problems of gear in China market is increasingly exposed.
(一)existing problem
1.Industry too scattered,market competition gear products in the industry chain in the end, by powerful iron and steel metallurgy enterprises and the whole machine assembly caught in the middle.International multinational group use two of a trade seldom agree the old habits of Chinese enterprise, the characteristics of the trade are going back and forth, divide-and-conquer, interacting with each other, low-cost procurement, dispersion caused by gear malignant competition, many small businesses is difficult to form independent innovation ability, the awkward in a fight for survival;Some companies of surveying and mapping products, fake name brand, disrupt the market;So, advocating enterprise strengthen the cooperation of industry chain alliance or merger and reorganization, organization, improve the enterprise concentration, called on enterprises to safeguard fair competition in the market.
2.Industry chain has not yet formed, enterprises lack of pricing power transmission manufacturing industry chain has not yet formed, main show is:Gear products from high quality material supply, no less cutting precision forging blank, the strict control of inherent quality of heat treatment, gear finishing and on-line detection ability.The flexible assembly line of a gearbox assembly.Not form a more perfect industrial chain market system, the improvement of gear products,  affected the improvement of product quality tracking system and also influence the formation of enterprise pricing power.Pricing power is not monopoly prices, but pricing power, upstream and downstream equal negotiation and bargaining.Various products led unit have the responsibility to organize enterprises to win market.
3.Lack of enterprise innovation ability, difficult to participate in international competition, only a small number of enterprises established the technical center, technical center is also only a few have the capacity for independent innovation of enterprises.Due to the lack of innovation ability,lead to most enterprises is a processing and manufacturing enterprises to figure processing,no ability to upgrade products, can only rely on expanding capacity, poor quality, low price sales, forced to participate in the competition.Because the product is difficult to upgrade,do not have to participate in the international market, in the high-end gear in the market competition ability.

(二)development proposal

1.Industrial structure adjustment of gear, gear accelerating industrial upgrading.Improve the industry concentration, forming a large number of large, medium and small enterprises.With independent intellectual property rights, product design and development, forming a batch of vehicle transmission system leading enterprises, with leading enterprises supporting ability to integrate gear industry market, the overall market competitiveness;
2.Information technology and the combination of mechanical and electrical integration, China's gear industry presents the design information, intelligent equipment, process automation, the development trend of management modernization.Industrial upgrading inevitable requirement of new mode of production, lean production and agile manufacturing, virtual manufacturing, network manufacturing widely popular.Gear enterprises in China are from the speed type into the innovation efficiency of scale, into a new stage of scientific development;
3.Strengthen innovation and product positioning publicity, promote the competitiveness of the international brand market.More investment capacity and resources, realize the specialization, networking, forming a large number of distinctive technique, distinctive products and quick response ability of famous brand enterprises;Through technical renovation, to modernize the gear manufacturing enterprise transformation.