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The strengthening of the inner gear(2014-08-15)

Inner Gear is the key component of wind power gearbox, now use the carburizing and quenching for Inner Gear aggrandizement, but Inner Gear of carburizing and quenching distortion seriously affect the product quality and production progress.Although the technology optimization and tooling designing quenching to prevent deformation, and obtained a certain result,but for internal tooth is greater than 1500 mm in diameter , heat treatment distortion is still very serious,finalize the design production and tooling cost of gear grinding is still high, but also seriously affect the production cycle.Some manufacturers use internal tooth induction hardening, or Inner Gear tooth surface strengthening means such as nitriding treatment, although the basic can solve the problem of heat treatment distortion, but also there are some corresponding disadvantages.If need special quenching machine tool, and one-time investment cost is higher, process stability , large man-made influence, truly imitation tooth quenching is not very mature.Also, ion nitriding treatment need special equipment, the reliability of large nitriding furnace equipment also has certain problem, and nitrogen permeability layer is shallow, nitriding temperature control, play arc parts, all of these makes it hard for process stability guaranteed.So,although much work has been done over the years, but with high risk of wind power industry, especially for the key component of wind power gear box Inner Gear, is still difficult to get general approval.
With the rapid development of China's wind power construction, wind power equipment manufacturing investment enthusiasm to an all-time high, especially the large capacity of large megawatt wind turbine, but also won the market.As the fan inside the Inner Gear grew, and the heat treatment of the reinforcement method can be used is more and more scarce.Anyone guess.Recently learned that some companies adopt the method of laser quenching on tooth surface strengthening.Recently, my company has done some laser quenching process and performance test, in some important product of small module gear and shaft parts is very good application, solved the conventional heat treatment can solve technical problems.
Laser quenching is quickly developed in recent years, the potential of parts surface strengthening method, is at present the country support of energy efficient and environmentally friendly industries.From the only test of laser quenching process stability is relatively poor carburizing,but it is better than induction hardening, especially can well solve the problem of the strengthening of the dedendum circle,and the deformation degree after quenching is significantly better than induction hardening,the laser hardening and induction hardening impact resistant ability to close,the characteristic of data is smaller than the induction hardening.Although laser quenching hardening layer depth is shallow, but darker than the nitride layer permeability.Laser quenching, of course, also need special equipment, process and operation personnel training is also more difficult than other conventional heat treatment.In high-risk fan of big modulus Inner Gear also has certain risk, must go through a lot of experiments, obtain the necessary test data.Otherwise should not presume to use.In spite of this, according to the current test case, the laser quenching is an effective way to solve fan Inner Gear to strengthen.
Under the support of the country to vigorously develop clean energy policy, today's wind power industry developed rapidly, market competition is more intense.A pack, energizes.Ensemble, situation.Seeking development through cooperation and competition of survival.Not the best, but beg apply.But the scientific and technological innovation, take the path of scientific development, is the important way to squeeze.