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Speed Reducer industry prospect in our country(2014-08-19)

Speed Reducer industry prospect in our country

As the country further efforts in infrastructure construction, in recent years our country Speed Reducer industry get fast development.Last year, the industry production of Speed Reducer 450000 units, sales income 2 billion yuan, about $100 million for export.Experts predict, during the 11th five-year plan, due to the development of national economy as a whole, Speed Reducer industry of the economy growth rate will reach double digits.
Speed Reducer in the development of our country has a history of nearly 40 years, extensive application of various fields of national economy and national defense industry.Products have been from the original single cycloid reducer, develops the five products now, namely, cycloid reducer, stepless transmission, gear reducer, the worm gear and worm reducer, electric drum.According to preliminary statistics, Speed Reducer dosage larger industry mainly include:Power machinery, metallurgical machinery, environmental protection machinery, electronic appliances, machinery, chemical machinery, food machinery, light industry machinery, mining machinery, transportation machinery, construction machinery, building materials machinery, cement machinery, rubber machinery, hydraulic machinery, petroleum machinery, etc., the number of these industries use Speed Reducer product of the total number of national industries use Speed Reducer has 60 ~ 70.
During 15, because the country adopted a proactive fiscal policy, driven by domestic demand, strengthening investment in fixed assets, the development of the industry into the fast lane.Especially infrastructure investment, metallurgy, electric power, construction machinery, building materials, energy, speed up the development, therefore, the need for speed reducer also gradually expanding.Is expected during the 11th five-year plan, as the country's emphasis on mechanical manufacturing,the speeding up of major equipment localization as well as the urban transformation, the construction of the project, such as venue construction,reducer has a bright market prospects, the industry will continue to maintain rapid development momentum,especially the growth of the gear speed reducer will be greatly improved, with the most import equipment form a complete set of associated with Speed Reducer.Therefore, industry experts hope enterprise developing Speed Reducer, to meet the demand of the market.
From the enterprise development situation in the industry,in recent years, jiangsu province, the fast development of private enterprises in zhejiang province, has become a force in the industry.In addition,also a lot of Speed Reducer manufacturer in shandong province.Some private enterprise development faster,after completed the primitive accumulation, continue to grow stronger.They keep up with market changes, timely adjustment of product structure, requirements are constantly improve the quality of product.In order to enhance competitiveness, they increased purchase test equipment, laboratory equipment and expanded plant investment, processing capacity and technical levels increase quickly, it also attaches great importance to the talent cultivation and introduction, enterprise has started to develop in the direction of nomlalization and standardization.