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China Precision Gears mold should be to the world level(2014-06-17)

Because the Precision Gears has low noise and absorb vibration, self-lubricating, mold processing and high production efficiency, etc.In recent years, the application of Prcision Gears in the Precision Gears industry will be more and more, become a worldwide trend.But at present, the medium of the Precision Gears mould can produce in the domestic, high Precision Gears mold more rely on imports.Domestic specialises in Precision Gears mold factory is not much, mostly by the company own gear mold.In the application range of gear mold Precision Gears with the demand of mould is bigger, the market has huge potential.
Industry experts put forward for the future development of the three strategies: first, to speed up the adjustment of industrial structure;In the future development, the first gear mould industry should pay more attention to the strategic adjustment of product structure, the complex structure, high precision of high-grade mold get faster developme.At the same time, the mold industry should also be closely followed the demand of the market to develop.No product demand, product upgrading, there will be no mould industry technological progress, there would be no mold on the scale, the grade of the products.And mould technology level of high and low, to a great extent, decides the quality of products, benefits and new product development capability.Second, accelerate the industry standard for enforcement;At present,Precision Gears mold processing neither national standards, there is no ready-made industry standards, especially in the case of the mould for plastic gears.Technology is a relatively open standard, the product standard is difficult to do it, want to consider the experiment of Precision Gears mold, precision standard,and other aspects of test apparatus.Third, to strengthen industry cooperation between density;The development of modern industry is a mutual cooperation relationship, for Precision Gears mold industry are equally important.The first is the cooperation of industry research direct cooperation, such as several universities in the gear die, concentrated Precision Gears industry and research institutions, some universities to do some process equipment, plastic deformation law within the integration of research and cooperation.At the same time, the mold union network, points out that from the whole industry,Precision Gears mold's voice is very small, and in a spontaneous state, and the establishment of the relevant professional association is to change this situation.This is to analyze and solve the problems existing in the small module gear production, so as to promote the development of domestic Precision Gears mold industry.
In the Precision Gears industry especially the trend of the development of the industry for plastic gears, the domestic reaction to market changes not sharp enough, study hard to keep up with market demand, domestic Precision Gears mold still need to gear mold development to the world level.