Helical Gears   >Precision Gear Used for Fracturing Pump 
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We are professional modern enterprise engaged in designing and manufacturing various of high Precision Gear and Industrial Gearbox, servicing for oil exploitation & stimulation machine of oil well domestic and abroad, playing the core effect on the coal seam gas and shale gas exploitation as well.
Our Frac Pump Gears, Fracturing Pump Gearbox & Gear Parts widely used on all kinds of high end oil equipment,
Such as the drilling frac pumps, plunger pumps, high-pressure pumps, mud pumps.
E. G: Plunger fracturing pump (such as TWS600, QWS1000, QWS1800, TWS2000, QWS2250, TW2500, TWS2800, QWS3000, TWS3500),
Mud pump (F series, 3SNB series ) etc.



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