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Helical Gears are designed to transmit motion and power between either parallel or right-angle shafts which rotate in opposite directions. Helical Gears are highly durable and are ideal for high load applications. Our Helical Gears are manufactured using 303 stainless steel or 2024 T-4 aluminum (optionally anodized), allowing for heavy loads at high efficiency. Helical Gears operate with less noise and vibration than Spur Gears, and at any given time their load is distributed over several teeth, resulting in less wear. APMC custom manufactures products to meet all customer needs, and other common options for Helical Gears include plastic and brass.
Helical Gears are often put to use in automobiles, elevators, compressors and blowers. They are ideally suited for machines such as power tools, turbine drivers, feed drives, sand mullers, rolling mills, and marine applications. In order for Helical Gears to work together or mesh, they must have matching diametral pitch (P), pressure angle (PA) and helix angle.
Helical Gears are available in assorted styles and types, materials, pitch, module, and bore sizes.
Helical Gear teeth "curved", teeth are cut at an angle
Designed to transmit motion and power between either parallel or right angle shafts (90Â ° , non-intersecting), which rotates in the opposite direction
Durable and ideal for high load applications
Steels are the materials generally used for manufacturing Automobiles, elevators, conveyors, compressors and blowers are just a few everyday machines where Helical Gears are used.
Helical Gears are also used in machine tools, turbine drives, feed drives, sand mullers, rolling mills and marine applications.

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