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APMC is a specialized manufacturer of Marine Gearbox. By producing complete Industrial Gearbox  under one roof, we reduce the time and cost associated with their manufacture, which we pass along to our customers. We also have the capability to produce a full range of high-quality Gear Components,including:Helical Gear,Spur Gear,Gear Shaft,Gear Ring,Double Helical Gear,Inner Gear,Pinion,Wheel,Precision Gear,Bull Gear,Large Gear.
The Gear production ranges:
Model: Grinding Teeth Cylindrical Helical Gear
D P: 0.6 to 3
Module: 6 to 40
Diameter: 200 to 3000 mm
Ground tooth: AGMA 13
Standard: AGMA, ISO, DIN, JIS
Material: Customized
Used of  Marine equipment

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