Pinions   >Gear Shaft used for Mud Pump 
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Key Specifications/Special Features:

Name: forged/forging Mud Pump Gear Shaft with top quality;
Material: ASTM4340, ASTM4130, 42CrMo4;
Processing: forged, normalized, tempered, heat-treatment;
Test: 100% UT and MT tested;
We purchase the steel ingot from well know and qualified steel mill in China.
All our forgings forged ratio over 4.5:1, and guarantee a full time normalize and anneal process to make sure the grain size and cleanness degree
We have a strict quality control system and complete management service system;
Other oilfield equipment forgings:
Valve block/fluid end and crank shaft for fracturing pump, with material of 25Cr2Ni4MoVE, 30CrNi3MoV, ASTM4340;
Gear Shaft and Gear Ring for fracturing pump, with material of ASTM4340, ASTM4130, 42CrMo4;
Valve block/fluid end, Gear Shaft, Gear Ring and crank shaft for mud pump, with material of 35CrMo, ASTM4130, 42CrMo, 42Cr13, 30CrNi2MoV;
Drilling centralizer and drill collar, with material of ASTM4145H, ASTM4145HMOD;
Cylinder block for suction cylinder, with material of AISI8630;
Blowout preventer for wellhead equipment, with material of ASTM4130.

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