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Double Helical Gear is a type of  Helical Gear with two sets of teeth cut at opposing angles, separated by a groove that runs around the center of the gear. Double Helical Gears are used to provide smoother operation and avoid side loads.
We can supply Double Helical Gears according to customer's drawing. Including Spur Gear, Helical Gear, Herringbone, Double Helical Gear, Gear Ring, Gear Shaft and so on.

The Doubel Hlical Gear production ranges:
Model: Doubel Helical Gear
D P: 0.6 to 3
Module: 6 to 40
Diameter: 200 to 3000 mm
Ground tooth: AGMA 13
Standard: AGMA, ISO, DIN, JIS
Material: Customized

Double Helical Gear