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Helical Gears generally have longer and stronger teeth than the other classes of Gears. Due to the greater surface contact area on the teeth these Gears are capable of carrying heavy load but the efficiency is reduced because of the same reason.APMC produce Helical Gears that are quiet and make less vibration. There is an intriguing thing about Helical Gears that is if the angles of the Gear teeth are correct, they can be raised on perpendicular shafts, wherein the revolving angle is adjusted by 90 degree. These Gears are very similar to Spur Gears except that the teeth of Helical Gears are cut at an angle to the axis. These are available in both right and left hand configurations.
The Helical Gears offered by us are made as per the standards of the industry widely used in wind and engineering industries.These can also be customized as per the client's requirements. We provide Helical Gears upto 3200mm OD and 40 module in different varieties such as hard, soft or ground. Helical Gears are quite alike Industrial Gears. They have teeth that are slanted and thus help in meshing the Gear. The teeth of Helical Gears are connected better than those of Spur Gear.
They can be configured to either crossed or parallel as per the needs of the applications. When it comes to mechanics,parallel Helical Gears are much better. The reason behind this is that helices meet at tangents which does not happen in crossed gears thus limiting the contact point to the surface of the tooth. So it is not advisable for applications that concern heavy loads to use crossed gears.

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